The Big Performance Day – Rocket-High Confidence

By globalbrandeis

October 8, 2009

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Hina had refused to be a part of anything until two days ago when they decided that they wanted to sing. Khushnuma had never been to school and had just come from the village for the first time. Her Hindi wasn’t fluent and she was very shy. But she wanted to sing, and so she did. Both these girls were not consistent in being comfortable enough to sing. They refused during practice, but today they voluntarily stood up! Everything was falling into place. Shoab ended the play with a strong comment on “how are we supposed to work in a world like this when we have so many problems? We all have dreams and we want to be something after studying, but how can we when we live in a society like that!? Please tell me! Please tell me!”

Everyone was very impressed with the children, their acting, their message, their dialogues and with us. They got perspective. The children were very happy with their performance as well! Hearing everyone’s comments, their confidence level shot rocket-high and they were ready to go outside.

~ from the Revive Mumbai Summer Program blog. NEXT


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